Different Type of Locks To Consider For Your Lockers

Secure Metal Lockers

There are different types of locks to consider when purchasing a locker.
In consideration of its practicality and security; these are the things to know about these locks.


Padlock Receptor – This is a basic type of lock where a user is free to use their own personal
Lock to close their locker. This is an effective way for business owners to let their users
Have control of their own personal locker without the hassle of providing them their own personal keys and locks of each unit for their locker space.


Key Barrel Lock – This is usually the general type of lock for schools or businesses. For each Locker has its own key barrel lock that is provided for individuals use. Using this type of lock creates
unity specially for group/organization as there is a special master key that can open all the locks and for emergency purposes of an individual losing their own key copy; there is a master key to open them all.


Cam Locks – This is a new lock available now in Cheap lockers to give you an alternative option for your metal lockers. These cam locks are an effective way to secure your items without the hassle of losing your keys. By resetting your locker, this Cam Lock will let you create your own personal 4-digit code number to remember to open your locks, this avoids theft from breaking in your locker.
There is also a master key that ables to open these locks for emergency purposes if the digital code number is forgotten. This key can be hold by the owner or by a superior that controls/owns all the lockers.

There are other types of locks when choosing a right tool to secure your lockers. These are the types that were commonly used for metal lockers and depending on your preference these options are something to consider.