Top 5 Reasons Metal Lockers Are Making a Comeback

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It is the quintessential school feature: the metal locker. From hallways to gyms, these close-to iconic storage compartments have served their purpose well. It’s small wonder then that these classic lockers not only still exist to this day, but they have also become quite the popular option for many establishments and offices.

Here are just five of the best reasons why metal lockers are making a huge comeback;

1. Durability and sturdiness never go out of style.

It’s made of metal, which is a pretty solid piece of material for just about any structure, so you can expect this storage compartment to last you for a very long time. Its strong material will also guarantee functionality, meaning any items will be safely tucked away.

Provided that the metal storage also features the right locking mechanism and good quality components, a user will never have to worry about theft. This kind of security would certainly be beneficial to commercial establishments looking to maintain the trust of its customers.

2. Users get variety in terms of design and size.

There are different types of metal storage. The kinds seen in schools are called steel locker devices, which come in single or double tiers. They provide sufficient space storage and enforce privacy in rooms.

Another type of metal storage is the box-styled unit. Such units are constructed with 16 gauge steel material. This type of metal locker is perfect for establishments that don’t have the space to accommodate the larger units.

3. These storage units are affordable.

For organisations and businesses that need cheap lockers, without sacrificing on security and quality, the box-styled units would be a great option. Also, there is no need to spend for future lockers since these metal storage units will last for a long, long time.

4. Metal storage units are stylish.

A metal locker doesn’t need to be gray. In fact, this classic storage unit can be as colourful as any feature in any space. A wall of vividly painted lockers on one side of the room can add instant appeal. And any establishment would certainly benefit from an attractive space.

Not too keen on colour? These metal storage units can be polished to fit any contemporary office or space.

5. Any item can be stored in these metal storage units.

Finally, any kind of item can be stored in these storage units. Garments can be folded or hung on rods, which could also make room for more items to be stored. Heavy items could also be placed inside the metal locker, without damaging the unit.