Top 3 Benefits of the C1000 Digital Lock

Going key-less is more than saying goodbye to sets of keys. There are many advantages regarding digital locks and here is why the C1000 should be your next locking system for your lockers.


The C1000 gives reassurance of top-notch security. Rather than having to replace keys or book in a locksmith when keys go missing, the ease of pin code functionality will save you time and money. The ability to choose your security code and the freedom to change it when you like makes the C1000 the perfect option for securing your lockers. With an inbuilt anti-theft alarm you will always have peace of mind that your belongings are safe and reduce the risk of a break in.


We all live in a day and age where time is money and investing in digital locking could very much save you hundreds of dollars in the long haul. Say a staff member were to be away and you needed to gain access to an item, you have the accessibility to do so simply by entering the Master Code. When the batteries are low, the convenience of the low voltage alarm feature will save you the shock of your locking going flat unaware.


 When it comes between standard locking and digital locking it’s a no-brainer which of the two will last the longest. Our C1000 lock is in fact of stainless steel so not only does it look chic, it’s guaranteed to last you years to come.